Non-cash gifts made simple

Did you know when nonprofits focus on growing non-cash gifts, they grow 6x faster? Diversifying your fundraising strategy is a no-brainer, but not all nonprofits feel equipped to educate donors about tax-advantaged giving vehicles.

That's where FreeWill's Smart Giving Suite comes in.

Raise transformational gifts with FreeWill
FreeWill Bequest Tool

Capture donor generosity across all stages of life

Maximize your long-term relationship with donors by offering impactful, tax-smart ways to give non-cash assets across their lifetime.

How to unlock non-cash generosity with FreeWill

With FreeWill, match your supporters’ moment of intent by providing a platform that accepts their preferred giving method. Meet your fundraising goals by meeting donors where they are.

FreeWill Bequest Tool

Make it easy for donors

Custom widgets and websites make it easy for you to share the FreeWill platform with your supporters and capture their moment of intent anytime.

Eliminate friction and risk

FreeWill can automatically liquidate gifted stocks and cryptocurrency, so you can receive the net cash proceeds without an intermediary – and without the need to constantly monitor the markets and maintain a brokerage or crypto wallet.

FreeWill Bequest Tool
FreeWill Bequest Tool

Drive your fundraising goals forward

Best-in-class reporting and analytics, custom content, and strategy support will help you take your non-cash fundraising to the next level.

Find ideal solutions curated for your mission

What to expect when partnering with FreeWill

Our suite of non-cash giving technology is both comprehensive and custom so whether you’re a smaller, grassroots organization or a large-scale national nonprofit, FreeWill is designed to meet your needs and inspire your supporters.


Stock Liquidation (1% transaction fee, capped at $1000 per transaction)

Crypto Liquidation (0% transaction fee)

Full, unlimited access to FreeWill Portal

Custom sites and widgets

FreeWill Bequest Tool
FreeWill Bequest Tool


Dedicated FreeWill Strategist

Content to match your unique voice and style

Exclusive best practices and campaign toolkits

Trainings for your staff and donors to better understand the benefits of each giving vehicle

Access to latest fundraising trends and industry reports

Let’s start a conversation!

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One of our team members will reach out to you in the next couple of days to learn more about how we can help and also to schedule a time to show you how our products work.

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