Gifts of QCDs benefit you and your donors

Every year thousands of donors use FreeWill to give from their IRAs and make Qualified Charitable Distributions to their favorite charities. Don’t miss the opportunity for your supporters to support you.

How it works

Grow your supporter base with FreeWill.

Share with supporters

Use our tool both in person and in mass outreach to introduce your donors to QCD giving.

Steward more donors and generate more legacy gifts.

Remove friction for donors

The FreeWill software helps your supporters calculate their Required Minimum Distributions and prepare IRA gifts.

Get data and alerts

Track your campaign performance and receive updates with gift details.

QCD Donations

A huge opportunity

Baby Boomers are America's largest and most affluent generation, and collectively hold more than $9 trillion in their retirement accounts. More than 10,000 Boomers become eligible to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution every single day. With an average gift size of $9,200, QCDs are rapidly becoming a major player in nonprofit fundraising.

Tracking gifts is a breeze

Our data and analytics tools allow you to track gifts even before donors send their paperwork into their IRA custodian. That means you can steward them as they complete the gift—and you’ll know that the check is on its way. The days of receiving untrackable, nameless checks in the mail are over!

Tracking QCD Gifts
Save time with FreeWill QCD Tool

Save your donors time

First-time QCD donors can spend hours hunting for the correct forms with their IRA custodians. Our intuitive tool walks your donors through the process and prepares the paperwork in minutes.

Trusted by the smartest minds in planned & major giving

One of the QCD donors increased his giving, and gave high praise to the tool and the copy FreeWill provided us to promote it. He said it was so clear, very easy to understand, and something donors like him really need to know about.

Cecilia Bynum
Planned Giving Officer
Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

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