Don't miss your opportunity to accept crypto from supporters

Crypto holders are quickly becoming one of the most charitable demographics, but too many nonprofits aren't set up to accept their donations. FreeWill makes it easy to unlock crypto generosity. We help you accept gifts from over 100 cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

How to accept crypto generosity with FreeWill

No need to set up a digital wallet

Crypto with FreeWill is set up so that 501(c)(3) organizations don’t need their own wallet or exchange to benefit from crypto philanthropy.

Zero fees on crypto donations

Crypto with FreeWill doesn’t charge your supporters any transaction fees, meaning you receive 100% of the net proceeds in cash.

Accept crypto gifts.

Over 100+ currencies and NFTs available

FreeWill's Crypto is the most comprehensive product for crypto generosity and accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and even NFT drop proceeds.

Automatic liquidation & IRS compliance

FreeWill handles the liquidation and IRS compliance to minimize risk and simplify your work.

Crypto has emerged as a valuable form of giving for nonprofits of all sizes.

Why invest in tools for accepting crypto donations?

Crypto is no longer a niche concept. Nearly one in five Americans have invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency, and crypto owners are more generous than their counterparts. With FreeWill, you don’t need to be an expert to accept crypto gifts and benefit from crypto generosity.

Your Millennial and Gen Z donors are waiting

US donors gave more than $500 million in crypto gifts in 2021, more than double the year before. And the average gift made via FreeWill crypto sites is more than $7,000.

16% of the US population now owns crypto and more than three-quarters are under age 45 — your organization has a massive opportunity to generate more revenue, reach younger donors, and secure major gifts by accepting donations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Accepting crypto donations opens up unique opportunities to engage younger audiences and build lifelong relationships.

Why go with FreeWill?

nonprofit partners choose Crypto with FreeWill
Cryptocurrencies for supporters to choose from
the size of an average crypto donation

Unlock more gifts by accepting crypto

Our experience made a crypto
believer of our board.

Laura Giacomoni
San Antonio Area Foundation
Philanthropic Advisor for
Donor Services

With FreeWill, we hope to standardize crypto into our campaign cadence, and continue leading innovative work for AIDS research.

Joseph Ferrara
Director of Philanthropy

Tap into 21st Century generosity by accepting crypto gifts

Join the 300+ charities that use FreeWill to unlock crypto generosity and tap into the next generation of Millennial giving.

One of our team members will reach out to you in the next couple of days to learn more about how we can help. In the meantime, keep learning about the value of crypto for nonprofits:

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