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Are you ready for the Great Wealth Transfer? Our planned giving software helps organizations of all sizes drive new commitments, and identify and steward high affinity donors.

FreeWill's Planned Giving Suite has everything nonprofits need to scale legacy giving and deepen supporter relationships.

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Unlock growth with our modern planned giving software

FreeWill Bequest Tool

Grow your planned giving program without increasing headcount

Whether you are looking to build your planned giving program from the ground up or maximize your existing efforts, our customizable estate planning software, world-class fundraising strategies, and marketing expertise will take your program to new heights.

Create sustainable funding pipelines with old and new donors

Leave your thumbprint on your organization’s future success with gift commitments that will ensure your organization and mission persevere through anything the future has in store.

FreeWill Bequest Tool
FreeWill Bequest Tool

Manage, track, and grow your program strategically

Take the guesswork out of growing your program with increased gift visibility, donor contact information, and campaign analytics.

Find ideal solutions curated for your mission

Software trusted by the smartest minds in planned & major giving

Not only are we booking bequests valued at over $1 million, we are getting full contact information for constituents that we only had email info for. The support offered by the FreeWill team from sales to implementation is top notch. This has been the best vendor experience I’ve had in my twenty plus year career.

Cynthia Kazaroff
Development Manager, Center for Inquiry

Having FreeWill is like having a part-time planned giving officer. Our FreeWill strategist is there anytime I have questions, ideas, or comments. I trust their expertise, and all the support they provide means I can spend time on other priorities.

Les Fout
Senior Stewardship Advisor, Knox Area Rescue Mission

For a small nonprofit, where we don’t even have a dedicated fundraising staff person, much less a major gifts or planned giving officer, FreeWill almost acts like the planned giving department I don’t have. FreeWill allows us to have a Planned Giving program that I otherwise would never have the time for. FreeWill lets us punch above our weight.

Alisa Mitchell
Executive Director, Library Foundation for Sarasota County

FAQ: Why invest in planned giving?

Why should planned giving be a priority for organizations?

Planned giving offers among the highest ROIs of all types of fundraising, and it’s been shown to result in increased annual giving for many nonprofits, as well.

Big-picture trends also make this an especially smart time to invest in planned giving. The largest wealth transfer in history (roughly $68 trillion) will occur over the next 25 years as the Baby Boomer generation ages.

By cultivating donor relationships and making it easy to create bequests now, organizations can see substantial returns to support their missions for years to come.

How does planned giving software help?

Dedicated, purpose-built tools make prioritizing and managing your planned giving program easier. They allow you to take an organized and streamlined approach, all while improving the donor experience and generating the data you need to improve your strategies continually. Planned giving software from FreeWill can even help you effortlessly source new prospects with our Featureship options.

Learn more about our tools to see the difference that dedicated planned giving software can make for your nonprofit.

How does FreeWill stand out?

Support and software from FreeWill include everything you need to launch or strengthen your planned giving program. We provide outreach strategy, develop custom content, create a welcoming donor experience, and offer options to help you reach new prospects.

Our tools follow a proven model—tapping your nonprofit into an audience of individuals who are already thinking ahead philanthropically and then equipping you with the resources you need to start building relationships.

Learn more with our complete guide to planned giving for nonprofits.

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