Gifts of stock made seamless with FreeWill

Make it easy for your donors to support your mission with tax-advantageous methods of giving like stocks, ETFs, bonds, and other securities.

How it works with FreeWill

FreeWill brings your stock strategy into the digital age.

Stock gifts

Drive more gifts

Our Partner Success team provides a data-tested plan to help your supporters consider donating appreciated assets.

Make it easy for donors

Donors can use FreeWill’s intuitive tool to gift stock anytime and anywhere.

Improve visibility and stewardship

You won’t need to rely on tedious detective work just to identify, approve, and accept gifts of securities.

Automatically liquidate assets

We immediately liquidate gifts of security so that you can receive the net cash proceeds. No brokers needed.

Drive bigger gifts

Stock giving benefits donors and nonprofits alike. Donors can get tax benefits from donating their appreciated assets. On average, stock gifts to nonprofits are 100X larger than cash gifts.

Focus on the impact, not the administrative hassle

With automatic liquidation, eliminate the time spent triaging across your finance, development, and brokerage firm just to reconcile and accept a gift. Or, don’t miss out on a stock gift just because you don’t have the staff or the brokerage in place to process it.

FreeWill QCD Tool
FreeWill QCD Tool

Drive strategy forward with data on stock gifts

Data is at the heart of every great fundraising campaign, and with FreeWill Portal, your organization can find actionable insights with data. Generate customizable reports, keep tabs on donor outreach, spot trends in gift value, volume, and site traffic — all through an intuitive, yet powerful, data dashboard.

Trusted by the smartest minds in planned & major giving

When we started marketing the FreeWill
Stock Tool, we saw an increase in gifts and inquiries. And we continue to see those spikes every time we market the FreeWill tools in our mailings, or with our email campaigns.

Rogelio Ocampo
Planned Giving Associate
Greenpeace Fund

Meet your donors where they are.

FreeWill is the most comprehensive platform for charitable giving. With FreeWill, never miss out on non-cash gifts.

Help your older donors use their IRAs for tax-free charitable giving with FreeWill’s QCD Tool

Unlock transformational gifts by simplifying the process of unlocking crypto generosity with Crypto for Charity

Offer your supporters a free way to take care of the people and causes they love with FreeWill's guided estate planning tools

Save donors time with FreeWill's Stock Tool

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