Drive new leads with a FreeWill Featureship

How many people would contribute to your mission if they were only asked? With a FreeWill Featureship, we help you build brand awareness among thousands of will-makers, while gently nudging charitable giving. Capture new donors for a lifetime of giving.

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How it works

Keep your organization top of mind

A feature on our public will-making site means that thousands of people each month see your organization's mission when creating their legacies

Let FreeWill make the ask

FreeWill does the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to by encouraging charitable giving and educating prospective donors on how to leave a lasting legacy

Raise awareness and drive leads

Spread awareness for your brand to FreeWill users outside of your existing donor base as 1 in 6 FreeWill users decide to leave at least one bequest commitment to charity

Promoting charitable giving in the estate planning process drives gift commitments for Komen

Reach more donors with a FreeWill Featureship.

Pair your brand recognition with FreeWill’s marketing engine to scale your reach

FreeWill invests heavily in digital marketing to drive will-makers to our site and provide exposure to your organization

As a thought leader in the online estate planning space, our attorneys and CEOs have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, AARP and more

Partners in insurance, financial planning, and more offer FreeWill as an estate planning tool for their clients

Donor data – at your fingertips

Unlock access to a variety of donor demographics

Build new donor contact lists to feed your stewardship program

Leverage DonorSearch data to identify giving capacity of high affinity donors

Feel confident that your data is protected with the highest security standards and will not be sold or shared

Get donor insights on bequest commitments..
Generate more gift commitments with a FreeWill Featureship.

Understand your donors on a national level

Benchmark your donor profile data against aggregated data of other nonprofits to understand how you compare and inform outreach strategy

Analyze geographic trends for your supporters and spot areas to focus brand awareness efforts

Uncover insights about your donors’ demographics for more strategic campaigns 

Acquire supporters to steward for a lifetime of giving

These aren’t just new donors — they’re new activists, volunteers and advocates. When a donor makes a bequest commitment, they're telling you they care deeply about your mission. Research shows that donors who add a charity to their wills increase annual gifts by more than $3000 in the following years. These high affinity donors are primed for long-term giving, generating new leads for the rest of your organization to steward. Learn more about how to build relationships with your supporters during their lifetime using tax-advantaged giving vehicles from our Smart Giving Suite.

Feature your organization at a level that suits your organization’s needs

Generate more gift commitments with a FreeWill Featureship.

National feature

Your organization will be top-of-mind for will-makers in all 50 states. Access National benchmarking data.

Generate more gift commitments with a FreeWill Featureship.

Regional feature

Have a more local focus? Feature by state or zip code.

Join world-class non-profits in sharing your mission

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