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FreeWill for Animal Shelters and Rescues

Every month, donors using FreeWill commit more than $16.8 million to animal rescues and shelters. See how your organization can tap into their generosity.

FreeWill partners with animal organizations across the United States

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Why FreeWill

total raised for animal organizations
average bequest left to animal organizations
Pet owners are nearly 2x more likely to include a bequest than non-pet owners
Planned Giving Suite

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Naming a beneficiary for pets in an estate plan is a critical, and often overlooked, way to protect animals. Help your community take care of their loved ones, including their furry family, with free online estate planning tools while gently nudging charitable giving.

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Drive new leads with a FreeWill Featureship

With a FreeWill Regional Featureship, place your animal organization front and center as will makers in your area are making decisions about their legacy.

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Trusted by the smartest minds in planned & major giving

My biggest challenge is finding enough time to focus on planned giving to the degree that I would love to. And that’s where FreeWill comes in and provides a tremendous resource for us.

Eric Smith
Director, Strategy and Engagement

What you get with FreeWill

Best-in-class products

Our software is easy for both donors and nonprofits alike, helping you accelerate your planned and non-cash giving programs, while offering useful tools for your supporters.

Expert marketing strategy

Our partner success team will help you strategize, create content, expand your reach, and strengthen relationships with your supporters.

Powerful insights and analytics

Review and analyze your planned and non-cash gift data all in one place, so you can track gifts, spot trends, and optimize your campaigns.

Join rescues of all sizes

Every month, FreeWill helps animal nonprofits raise more than $16.8 million in planned and non-cash gift commitments. Join a growing community of animal organizations that already use FreeWill to unlock transformational gifts.

One of our team members will reach out to you in the next couple of days to learn more about how we can help and also to schedule a time to show you how our products work.

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