AI-powered writing tools for nonprofits

AI Writing Tools for Nonprofits

Academic research shows that people who use AI in their work are more efficient, achieve better outcomes AND enjoy their jobs more. That's why we created Willy, FreeWill's AI-powered nonprofit writing buddy designed to help nonprofit professionals with things like fundraising emails, donor thank-you notes and so much more.

If you're curious to give Willy a try, simply complete the form on this page or visit Willy is free to use so we hope you find it helpful.

If you are with a faith-based organization, we encourage you to check out Sophie, which is Willy's faith-based companion!

Here’s a quick look at everything Willy can help you with:

  • Fundraising emails
  • Donor thank-you notes
  • Fundraising direct mail
  • Press releases
  • Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Email fundraising calendars
  • Social media fundraising calendars
  • (And more coming soon)

With this tool still being in beta, we’d love to hear from you about how to make it even better. You can send your feedback to and we’ll use your insights to help us with ongoing optimizations.

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