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Your ultimate guide to end-of-year giving

Year-end fundraising strategies for planned & major giving

2020 is a year unlike any other for nonprofit organizations. From dealing with the effects of a global pandemic to a wild U.S. presidential election, fundraisers must think outside the box to meet their year-end goals.

More than one-third of all charitable giving occurs during the holiday season in October, November, and December. Our end-of-year giving guide will help planned and major giving professionals tap into key trends to fundraise effectively during this crucial time of year.

In the guide:

Part 1: 8 new trends in 2020 — and what makes this year different

  1. Nonprofits are canceling year-end visits and events
  2. Isolation will get worse for donors
  3. Donors’ attention may be focused on the Presidential election
  4. The stock market has hit all-time highs
  5. QCDs are continuing to surge
  6. Unemployment skyrocketed this year
  7. Planned giving continues to reach record new levels
  8. DAF giving is reaching record highs

Part 2: Making the most of these trends for a successful end-of-year giving season

  1. Use the “Now, more than ever” frame
  2. Tap into volunteers for planned & major giving donor stewardship
  3. Survey donors before asking for donations
  4. Make a plan for stock giving
  5. Go big on Qualified Charitable Distributions
  6. Use the “Open Door” message with economic hardship
Download the guide