Strategy deck

The case for investing in planned giving

How smart nonprofits can be kind, thoughtful, & enormously effective in this moment

Nonprofit professionals have been asking us how they can convince their organization's leadership teams that it is critical to continue planned giving fundraising in 2021.

As Americans rush to make estate plans in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, nonprofits have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with supporters about planned giving.

Since planned giving historically offers the highest ROI of all fundraising types, nonprofits would be amiss to cut these programs. Furthermore, research by fundraising experts shows that planned giving increases annual giving as well.

This strategy deck will help nonprofit professionals convince their colleagues of the importance of investing in planned giving this year.

It includes information on:

  • The Great Wealth Transfer
  • How donor behavior shifted in 2020
  • The ROI of planned giving
  • The effect of planned giving on real-time revenue
Download the strategy deck