New Year's Resolution Campaign Toolkit for Nonprofits

Unlock the Power of New Year's Resolutions for Planned Giving

Are you ready to kick-start a conversation about planned giving with your donors? While the New Year is often a time of self-reflection and new beginnings, it also represents a great opportunity to get your donors thinking about planned giving.

With FreeWill’s New Year's Resolutions Campaign Toolkit, you'll gain first-hand insights into how to run a successful New Year’s resolutions campaign based on our learnings from previous years. If you’re looking to give your charitable giving program a boost to start off the new year, download our toolkit for strategies, outreach examples, and resources that you can use to drive more gift commitments.

Here's what you'll get when you download the toolkit:

  • Key learnings and strategic insights from prior years (based on FreeWill’s work with our 1,350+ partners)  
  • Access to fundraising resources, including email templates, vetted messaging frameworks, and more
  • How FreeWill can help with your New Year’s resolutions campaign to drive maximum success

Don't miss this opportunity to harness the power of New Year's resolutions for your nonprofit's benefit. Start the conversation about planned giving today and secure your organization's future.

Download your toolkit to get started.

Download the toolkit