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National Estate Planning Awareness Week Playbook

October 16th - 22nd is National Estate Planning Awareness Week (NEPAW) and an ideal opportunity for nonprofits to generate more planned gifts for their organization by encouraging donors to make a will. Started in 2008, NEPAW is meant to help people understand what estate planning is and why it’s so important. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss planned giving with your donors.

Need more proof? Last year, our content and strategy team helped our partners raise more than $19M in bequest commitments through their NEPAW outreach — $19M in just one week!

If you’re looking to scale legacy giving this October, download our NEPAW playbook for strategies, outreach examples, and success stories that you can use to drive more gift commitments.

Here's what you'll learn by downloading the playbook:

  • Best practices for leveraging NEPAW
  • What strategies FreeWill partners have used to successfully drive more bequest commitments during NEPAW
  • Insights and learnings from successful NEPAW campaigns from year’s past‍

Is your organization ready to scale legacy giving during National Estate Planning Awareness Week? Download your playbook today!

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