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A deep dive on older donors

A deep dive on older donors

Donors who are 65 and older often make up the majority of charitable donations to nonprofits. More than half of all charitable dollars come from donors over the age of 65, and they give a much higher percentage of planned and major gifts than other generations.

For gift officers to successfully fundraise from this demographic, they need to understand what drives older donors, what trends and pressures are impacting them in 2023, and which giving methods drive the largest donations.

In this webinar, Patrick Schmitt, the co-CEO of FreeWill, shared strategies to help you successfully connect with and fundraise from older donors in 2023.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How nonprofits are engaging with older donors
  • Trends that will impact older donors in 2023, and how to plan for them
  • Tips on how to educate 65+ donors on the best ways to give

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