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7 steps to find, solicit, and secure gifts from Donor Advised Funds

7 steps to find, solicit, and secure gifts from Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are an increasingly popular vehicle for charitable giving because of their tax-savvy nature. They allow donors to put a large sum of money, stocks, or crypto into a charitable investment account (getting an immediate tax deduction) and pay out donations over time.

And contributions going into and grants coming out of these funds have been surging over the past few years. More than two-thirds of contributions going in are appreciated assets like stock and crypto, which have a massive impact on long-term success for nonprofits.

If fundraising professionals can get better at finding, cultivating, and stewarding DAF donors, they set their organization up for success both now and in the future.

Watch Patrick Schmitt, the Co-CEO of FreeWill, to understand the basics of DAFs, the latest trends impacting DAF growth and giving, and the steps fundraisers need to take to secure more gifts.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • The basics on Donor Advised Funds
  • Insights on DAF giving and growth
  • Navigating different types of DAFs
  • Steps to find and cultivate DAF donors
  • Advanced strategies for soliciting DAF donations

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