A guide to fundraising during a recession

Discover the five key strategies to help you raise funds even during an economic downturn. Download our eBook today!

A guide to fundraising during a recession

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From inflation to stock market volatility to a wild housing market, many donors’ wealth has been affected by the recent turbulence in the economy. Historically, research shows that giving decreases during economic downturns. So, what can and should you do to keep growing revenue — even in these uncertain economic times? In this playbook, we'll cover five strategies to help you raise funds despite the current economic downturn.

What's inside:

  • Key insights on how past recessions have impacted fundraising and what that means for your organization today
  • 5 actionable strategies that will help your nonprofit weather the current economic downturn, including insights on how to secure non-cash gifts and why they are especially important now
  • How to leverage your existing donor relationships to grow revenue

With increasing competition for donor dollars, now is the time to re-tool your fundraising strategy. Even during these challenging economic times, remember that it’s far easier to expand revenue than to cut costs. Download your playbook today and uncover actionable strategies your organization can implement to grow revenue.

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