2021 Planned Giving Report

This is a pivotal decade for nonprofits that want to secure transformational planned gifts. Explore the trends influencing the modern will-maker and donor in our in-depth report.

2021 Planned Giving Report


Over the next 25 years, Americans will pass on more than $68 trillion in wealth to the next generation — and their decisions on who to leave it to are being decided right now. Nonprofits that can get into their supporters’ estate plans will unlock the transformational gifts that support them for decades to come.

FreeWill’s third annual Planned Giving Report analyzes data from more than 150,000 estate plans created with our free online tools from June 2020 through May 2021. In this in-depth report, we highlight key trends across age, gender, family relationships, geography, and more. We’ve also included a new section exploring legacy donor demographics within nonprofit sectors.

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